Value Proposition Package


Referral Bonus Package
- $200 for yourself, or $250 towards the charity of your choosing, if you refer a friend and they purchase from us

VIP Delivery Package
- Receive Expedited paperwork and delivery

Roadside Assistance Package
- 24/7 Roadside Assistance provided

Executive service Package and evening maintenance
- No appointment necessary. We will pick up your car for service and bring it back upon completion

Complimentary Package
    -Complimentary Shuttle to home or office
    -Free Wi-Fi located in the showroom
    -Complimentary Audi loaner with service

VIP Sales Program:

    -Courtesy Cosmetic Wheel Protection
    -Courtesy Key Replacement
    -Courtesy Environmental Paint Protection
    -Identity Theft Protection

Exclusive Audi Corporate Sales Program
Open to all employees and immediate family members of select corporations

*All Packages must be claimed prior to arrival to qualify for vehicle discounts.
Referral Bonus Package: Client must present the referral coupon or name of person referring then prior to the sale in order to receive the $200 referral fee or Charitable Donation.

VIP Delivery Package: In order to receive the VIP Delivery Package client must provide all necessary information, credit approval and insurance information at least 24 hours prior to scheduled delivery.

Roadside Assistance Package: New York State has some limitations with regards to providing roadside assistance. These restrictions are enforced by NY State and are beyond dealer control.

Executive Service Package: Atlantic Audi's Executive Service Package is limited to light maintenance on scheduled days only. 

Complimentary Package: Complimentary Audi loaner is available for all scheduled services, client must request a loaner vehicle and it is our goal to provide an appointment with a loaner within (3) business days of scheduling. 

VIP Sales Program: Courtesy Cosmetic wheel protection is for a period of (1) year from date of purchase and is only available on new cars. The ability to repair the cosmetic damage is determined by the provider of repair, not all cosmetic damage is repairable.
 Courtesy Lost Key replacement is provide on new cars for a period of (1) year from date of purchase only and is limited to (1) key, includes cost of key and re-programing of (1) key, additional programming may incur additional labor costs at clients responsibility. Courtesy Environmental Protection is provided for a period of (1) year from date of purchase. Environmental damage does not cover outside influence from any materials that are caustic to paint or metal and final determination is at sole discretion of dealer. Identity Theft Protection is provided for a period of (1) year and it is the client's responsibility to contact the provider and inform them of the potential identity compromise. Dealer makes no provisions for reporting identity compromise.

Audi Corporate Sales Program: Atlantic Audi will adhere to all policies and procedures with regards to the Corporate Sales Program, not all companies will qualify. Atlantic Audi will confirm approval prior to sale. Client must present valid company credentials to qualify.