Meet Our Family

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  • Tom Coppola
    General Manager

  • Rich Healy
    Pre-Owned Manager

  • Kenton Smith
    Sales Manager

  • Dominic Hughes
    Business Manager

  • Anna Jastzebska
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Ed Lumer
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Michael Estinville
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Renee Albertelli
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Emily Wilson
    Service Advisor

  • Christine Schecht

  • Judy Solo
    Office Manager

  • Lisa Joseph
    Inventory Manager



Atlantic Audi is one of the top dealers of Audi products in Long Island, so come visit us and learn what we have to offer

Atlantic Audi boasts of a hardworking team that is both pleasant to be around and efficient. Each and every staff member is more than willing to work with each and every visitor. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and aims to help you get your desired new or used Audi Long Island vehicle.  

In case you have any questions, feel free to express your thoughts to our staff members who are equipped with knowledge from both training and experience. If you would like to talk to a service technician or sales associate from Atlantic Audi, call us today at (888) 510-3997.  

The people behind our car service and repair center are part of what make our dealership successful. Our staff members are dedicated to giving you the best, no matter what your vehicle needs entail.  It is important for our staff to be not just courteous but also knowledgeable, which is why heavy emphasis is placed on learning and development. 

Our staff members are allowed to choose shifts depending on their comfort and convenience, which ensures highest productivity. By going through our website you can learn more about the staff at our dealership.  

No matter how late in the evening it is, give us a call or drop by to talk to the staff, and because of flexible shifts all team members are attentive and at their best always. We believe that a strong team is central to good service, which is why each and every employee is carefully picked and then trained to match our standards. All our different teams work hand in hand, so that the most efficient services are delivered to you.
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