Certified Pre-Owned Audi Vehicles are Just Like New

We've seen people come into Atlantic Audi West Islip looking for a new Audi and balk at the sticker shock they get. These buyers perk up when they learn that Audi Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are nearly as good as new ones.

Each CPO car is looked over by technicians that receive certifications from Audi's own engineers. Every vehicle has to meet stringent standards before they're returned to the lot.

Just like new vehicles, CPO Audis come with a manufacturer's warranty. Drivers can take advantage of Audi Financial benefits as well. If you need financing, then you can usually enjoy the same rate that buyers of new vehicles receive.

Countless older Audis are still out prying the roads of West Islip, so you shouldn't at all be concerned about buying one that had a previous owner. You might very well have it for many years.



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