This Winter, Use Better Wiper Blades

At Atlantic Audi West Islip we sometimes hear drivers say, "A wiper blade is a wiper blade." In fact, like all other parts you can put on your car, wiper blades' features and quality levels vary, so we endorse switching to winter-ready wiper blades when the calendar turns toward its colder months.

Winter wiper blades are quite different from their summer counterparts, which deal only with rain. Blades that master snow and ice must be sturdier than typical wipers supported by aerodynamic frames. Where a summer wiper blade displays its frame and the gaps between each component, a winter blade sports a rubber cover, which protects its parts from jagged ice.

Behind a winter wiper blade's edge, you will find a steel support bar. After all, removing cold weather's precipitation from a windshield requires strength. Additionally, winter wiper blades' construction enables them to more easily maintain end-to-end contact with your windshield.



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