Which Audi Q3 Trim Is Best for You?

Choosing the car that best suits your needs may not be as simple as you may have imagined. You've figured out the easy part, which is choosing an Audi crossover. The hard part is selecting the style and trim that will benefit you the most. Both the Audi Q3 Premium and Premium Plus have features that make driving them as convenient as possible, but there are a few differences between the two.

The Audi Q3 Premium and Premium Plus both have panoramic sunroofs for taking in the scenery and getting close with nature, as well as dual-zone climate control for atmosphere comfort, and leather upholstered, with a lumbar supported front seat that provides a comfortable driving experience.

The Audi Q3 Premium and Audi Q3 Premium Plus have a few differences, aside from the price of $32,900 for the Premium and $35,800 for the Premium Plus. The Audi Q3 Premium Plus has a variety of features the Q3 Premium does not offer, such as full LED headlights, heated fronts seat, a power tailgate, and keyless entry, start and stop.



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