The Audi A3 Shows That There is an Importance to Design and Appearance

Among the many things that people look for in a vehicle are performance, handling and appearance. While some people may think that appearance shouldn't factor in a vehicle, we at Atlantic Audi West Islip understand that appearance not only is a good factor to look at but is also an indicator of some useful features as vehicles like the Audi A3 shows.

The Audi A3 has some very useful and aesthetically pleasing features such as the dual exhaust outlets, LED headlights and taillights. This is completed by the S line exterior. Therefore, people can't help but be dazzled by the appearance of the vehicle.

However, the features of the Audi A3 design aren't just there for the sake of appearance. The features such as the LED lights help make the vehicle more visible and clear to read. For instance, the turn signals are clear for the drivers surrounding the Audi A3. Visibility is one of the major factors to the safety of the driver.



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