Warning Signs that Your Ignition Requires Service

When the ignition in your vehicle is failing, it will certainly give warning signs. Ignore these warning signs and you run the risk of being stranded on the road with a vehicle that will not start.

If you try to start your vehicle after it is running, you were shocked when you heard that loud grinding noise from the starter. If you hear that sound in the morning when trying to start the car, this is a sign the starter drive gear in your car is worn out or not engaged properly.

Occasionally, you might hear a whirring sound when you try to start the car and the engine doesn't turn over. This is the starter running but not engaging with the flywheel. If the car starts eventually, this is a sign of trouble in the future.

In addition to the ignition, if your vehicle needs servicing, now is the time to schedule an appointment with Atlantic Audi West Islip.



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