Don't Ignore That Squeal, It Could Be a Bad Belt

It always unsettling when your vehicle begins to make a noise that you are not familiar with, especially when it is a loud and persistent noise. One of the most worrying, and grating, noises a car engine can make is when the timing or serpentine belts start to slip. They produce a high-pitched squeal or whining noise that can send shivers down your spine. Luckily the fantastic mechanics at Atlantic Audi West Islip are more than capable of replacing your bad belts.

While it can be tempting to ignore the sounds your vehicle is making, especially if your car is running fine otherwise, it can lead to far more costly repairs down the road. A slipping timing belt doesn't have much time left before it stops working altogether, potentially leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Save yourself money and a significant headache by bringing in your car for a timing belt or serpentine belt replacement today at Atlantic Audi West Islip.
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