The Future of Audi’s Digital Luxury Mission On Display in the Elaine Concept

We’re told one of the reasons why Audi chose to name one of the two prototypes it brought to Frankfurt “Elaine” is because it has ‘AI’ in the name. Odd, but respectable, since the Elaine Concept raises the bar beyond even what the forthcoming A8 promises. Where that production car offers level 3 autonomous driving, for example, the one this concept foretells will offer level 4 functions.

Powered by a familiar E-Tron powertrain comprised of three electric motors with a total 429 horsepower and 311 miles of range, it seems Audi is on the cusp of knocking the current top-ranged title holder off its perch. Beyond that is the improved AI system, which is capable of perceiving, thinking, and empathy to help make the driving experience more enjoyable. Then there’s the new Traffic Jam Pilot, which can automatically drive the car up to 81 mph while taking care of throttle, steering, and braking.

Intelligent automation and innovative performance are hallmarks that can already be found in numerous new Audi models, from the A4 to the A7, Q5, and Q7. To experience them, contact our West Islip, NY showroom with any questions, or to schedule a test drive appointment.

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