Harness the Power of Winter Wiper Blades

The most extreme season of the year is most likely the wintertime. During the winter, temperatures plummet, snow falls, and water freezes. Your car spends a lot of time outside, unprotected from the elements. Snow and ice can have a huge effect on your driving. Your windshield wipers may not be strong enough to push away the snow and ice. But there is an easy fix.

Over here at Atlantic Audi West Islip, we highly recommend getting winter wiper blades during the wintertime. Winter blades are much more suited to shove snow off of your windshield. They are made out of a hard rubber shell to help prevent ice building up. Regular windshield wiper blades just cannot handle the weight of the snow very well.

If you think you need winter blades or just have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our dealership in West Islip. We’re here to help.
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