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You've picked out the car of your dreams and now you need a loan. At Atlantic Audi we can help you with that even if you're concerned about your credit rating. We have experience helping New York shoppers who've gone through bankruptcies, repossessions, and even have a history of writing bad checks- no problem is too serious for us to handle!

We Offer Bad Credit Auto Loans

Don't be afraid that a lackluster credit history will stop you from getting the car you want, thanks to our bad credit auto loans. Simply fill out a secure application form and you will work with a specialist on finalizing all the details. Instead of looking at a credit score, we review your employment history and income levels to help get you a loan that will work within your current financial situation.

Car Loan Checklist

We need a few things from you in order to be approved. Don't worry- these are simple requirements

  • Proof of income AND proof that income is $1,500+ over the course of the loan term
  • Proof of residence within Long Island, NY
  • Current phone number
  • Proof of auto insurance coverage
  • See- it's that easy!

High Risk Loans

Just like we won't be reviewing your credit score for a Bad Credit Loan, High Risk Lenders also look at other history to assess eligibility. With a High Risk Lender your interest rate will be a little higher than with us here at Atlantic Audi, but it's still a good option to get into a car, truck, or SUV, and we'll work with you to get the best rate.

We understand that not everyone has a 700+ Fico score. However, we don't think that should keep people from getting into a vehicle that will help them get to work, cart around the family, and to get to places that make them happy. Paid on time, with these loans you'll actually be increasing your credit score! For more information and to talk to a Financial Advisor, contact us today.

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